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Commemoration of International Day of Peace – 21st September 2017

peace patroller.jpg

This year, the Interactions for Peace Program commemorated this day through their peace patrollers in various schools.

REC – Raila Education Centre

REC - International Day of Peace

The peace patrollers of REC drew creative posters with messages of peace and placed them on their school notice boards. In addition, they served their fellow students during the lunch break.  It was amazing to see how selfless the peace patrollers were during this day and the motivation they gave the other students to join the peace patrol.  Thank you REC for the amazing work.

Toi Primary School

Toi - International Day of Peace

The work of Peace Patrollers – Toi Primary School in marking the International Day of Peace. They drew placards with messages of peace, collected garbage around the school and planted a tree in commemoration of International Day of Peace. Thank you Toi Primary for the awesome work and amazing placards.

Olympic Primary School

Olympic - International Day of Peace

Above are some awesome peace messages from Olympic Primary School. They used these placards to do a peace walk around the school in commemoration of the International Day of Peace. Great work Peace Patrollers – Olympic Primary School.

Arya Vedic Primary School

Arya Vedic WPD photo

Ayushi, Year 6 at Arya Vedic Primary School did this peace poster. Nice work Ayushi and keep it up!

Ongata Ronkai Primary School

Ongata Rongai - International Day of Peace

The peace patrollers of Ongata Ronkai Primary School did amazing drawings of peace messages.   In addition, they did a peace walk round the school with the above peace messages.  They also recited a poem and planted a tree.   Well done Ongata Ronkai Peace Patrollers.

Thank you all participating schools and the Interactions for Peace Program for the efforts in commemorating the International Day of Peace on Thursday, 21st September.

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