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About Us

Children Peace Initiative Kenya (CPI Kenya) is a civil society initiative, based in Kenya, specializing in the field of conflict prevention, and Peace Building, Governance and Development. It is a registered national non-profit organization committed to promote peace and development. The organization has four founding team members and 9 board of directors.


We at Children Peace Initiative Kenya envision Peaceful society co-existing in harmony for social and economic development


Building bridges among neighbouring pastoralist communities by creating opportunities and capacities for them to engage in peace and development.


  • Respect for diversity

  • Upholding Integrity

  • Professionalism and commitment to peace

  • Transparency and accountability

  • Advocating for human rights

What We Do

CPI Kenya works directly with local schools, families of the school children, officials of the Ministry Education and other peace stakeholders in the area of operation. As at 2023, the organization executed 172 major inter-community peace activities with children, parents, warriors, leaders and teachers among eight pastoralist communities in Northern and Rift valley regions of Kenya reaching approximately 375, 000 direct and indirect Beneficiaries.


Additionally, CPI-Kenya implements cross-border peace building projects targeting communities affected by conflict along international borders. In the past, CPI Kenya implemented a cross border peace program called Karamoja cluster project which creates a peace platform and co-existence mechanisms among the communities on Kenya-Uganda border. This project was implemented in partnership with Uganda Martyrs University and University of Peace (UPeace), Costa Rica.


The organization uses an integrated rights-based approach to promote Peace through the Children. The children peace initiative Kenya incorporates other development initiatives that include Education, WASH, Women and Youth Empowerment, Governance and Human Rights programs, alternative livelihood and Climate Change Action projects. In other words, CPI Kenya utilizes development and rights-based approach to peace.

Our Impact

Since 2011, CPI Kenya has implemented numerous peace initiatives with aim of preventing inter-community and inter generational-conflicts. The organization developed a unique and innovative conflict reduction strategy where children become catalysts of inter community peace. In this approach school children from conflicting groups are encouraged to talk to one another and become friends for peace. Through them their immediate families get connected; from child to child the circle of friendship for peace is extended to families and the larger community members.


The main objective of this project is to engage children, parents (Both men and Women), Warriors in activities that promote interaction, cohesion, open dialogues, problem solving and collective resilience against violent conflicts with children and their family members as the key actors.


The peace process with children and the families has yielded a number of positive outcomes; It has largely led to social transformation through change of attitude and perception of different conflicting communities and the way they interact with each other. It has also enhanced intercommunity interactions and reduced the rate of violent conflict between different communities targeted by the project in over a decade.


  • Integrity and Respect - We treat all our target populations and beneficiaries with respect and integrity. We take responsibility of our actions and are always accountable to all our stakeholders.

  • Inclusive Participation - We employ participatory approaches in the implementation of our programs to encourage ownership and sustainability of our interventions.

  • Result Oriented - We are committed to ensuring that our interventions are impactful to our beneficiaries.

  • Evidence-Based - Our programs are guided by information generated from evaluations, assessments and studies that we conduct during project design and implementation phases to ensure that our interventions are relevant and responsive to the needs of children and the communities at large.

  • Innovations - We recognize that the world is evolving and flexible and we purpose to adapt our interventions by identifying innovative strategies to meet the changing demands.

  • Capacity Building - We are constantly strengthening the capacities of our beneficiaries to improve their socio-development growth.

  • Partnerships - We recognize the importance of partnerships and are always ready to coordinate and work closely with INGOs, NNGOs, CSOs, Government and private sectors to deliver holistic services.


Meet the Team

We have been immensely blessed to have a team of passionate individuals who have dedicated themselves in every capacity to achieve the mission we have set out as CPI Kenya.

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