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CPI Kenya needs your support in reaching conflict-prone areas in Kenya and increasing our impact and number of beneficiaries through our Peace Building Programs.  This will assist greatly in achieving lasting peace within every corner of Kenya and beyond its borders.

Be a supporter today and join our regional and global network in achieving our goal of lasting peace for all human beings.

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Our model of peace-building builds personal relationships between people on different sides of a conflict and gives them a solid incentive to work together in finding new solutions. We’ve seen how it can work with children from the Samburu and Pokot tribes, and their parents. Now we want to focus on women.

We are inspired by Josephine Lengapiani, a successful businesswoman from the Samburu tribe who trades with herders from the Pokot tribe and has played a key role in ending tribal conflict in the area where she lives.

Josephine shows how business women can also be peace-makers, and in early July we hope to build on her example and identify a network of women entrepreneurs from the Samburu and Turkana tribes, which have been fighting for years over cows. We have asked Josephine to help each woman develop a business plan with one or more partners from the network and build a microbusiness together that can be self-sustaining within a year, while also contributing to peace.


You can join CPI Kenya in promoting peace when you volunteer! We welcome volunteers from all backgrounds and experiences. CPI Kenya offers valuable learning experiences in peace building, conflict resolution, and an inside look at how a grassroots organization operates. We will work with you to match your interests and skills with our organizational needs.

"I am eternally grateful for my experience with CPI Kenya. It was evident from my first day in the field that their programs have truly transformed pastoralist communities that have been mired in conflict for generations; this made it a joy and pleasure to advocate for this remarkable community-based organization. Their impact on the ground and close relations with beneficiaries taught me so much about listening to local needs and supporting local solutions." ~ Talley Diggs

"My favorite part of the internship was field work, especially the Peace Camps and visiting schools for Interactions for Peace. I learned how to plan and mobilize for peacebuilding activities. I really developed my writing and research skills, while also enjoying time with children beneficiaries." ~ Michael Avaga

If you are interested in volunteering your time with CPI Kenya, please contact: Hilary Bukuno,, and Monica Kinyua, Please subject your email “CPIK Volunteer Interest” and include your most recent resume.

You may also visit our office at: Tyme Arcade – along Magadi Road, 3rd Floor, Nairobi, Kenya

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