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Working With Children for a Peaceful Tomorrow

CPI Kenya has formulated unique programs that have made children the protagonists for peace in their communities. By working with children, CPI Kenya has been able to gain inroads in peace building between communities that have been in conflict for many years.  The peace that has been created has lasted for several years and is still ongoing.


Conflict Transformation & Integrated Peace Building

Children Peace Initiative Kenya engages primarily in conflict resolution and integrated peace building via its flagship initiative: the Inter community Peace Building program.


Children Peace Initiative Kenya improves the standards of primary education in target areas which have remained poor as compared to the existing national performance index.


WASH Program

CPI Kenya takes the challenges posed by lack of permanent sources of water in most of the areas within The organizations areas of operations.

Sustainable Livelihoods Project

Through Sustainable Livelihood Program CPI Kenya works with Women, Youth, Herders and Warriors across neighboring communities to diversify livelihoods.


Environmental Conservation/Climate Change Program

CPI Kenya is implementing an environmental Conservation program to promote access and use of affordable renewable energy technologies

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