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Environmental Conservation/Climate Change

Environmental Conservation

CPI Kenya plans to implement environmental Conservation program to promote access and use of affordable renewable energy technologies like Solar Cookers, Bio Gas and improved Jikos by community in order to reduce destruction of trees. Also the program will support schools and communities to initiate and manage conservation projects/initiatives e.g. trees for peace initiative, tourism for peace and Lobby and advocate for sustainable development practices and policies in fragile ecosystems, In the pastoral communities, weak tenure security and limited decision making power results to poor access, control, utilization and ownership of land for women and girls. They also hold little control over ownership and control of prime livestock which is a primary economic resource for pastoralists’ communities. Limited  decision-making power for pastoral women results in low investments and loss of productivity, negatively impacting families and children.

Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience

CPI Kenya helps local communities to cope with the challenges related to climate change and supports them in designing adequate adaptation strategies. This is done through awareness creation during social economic innovation workshops and brainstorming sessions. Through this, we build the community’s resilience and capacity to adapt to the changes brought about by climate change in a timely manner.

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