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The Value of Friendship in Conflict Resolution

In the changing world of today, where technology and the consumerism culture is slowly isolating people into an individualistic world, true friendship is becoming a bit rare.  You may dispute this fact and say that “I have so many friends”.  The question is, what is the objective of your friendship and is your friendship mutually beneficial or it is selfish oriented?

True friendship is mostly about cultivating lasting relationships that are geared towards positive change in the lives of the friends and their societies in the long term.

Children Peace Initiative in Kenya has understood the benefits of true friendship and they have used this as the main tool in their conflict resolution tactics towards achieving peace between warring tribes.  Through their peace camp initiative, they bring together children from two warring tribes and take them through various fun activities that will help them make friends amongst themselves. CPI Kenya further enhances the friendships fostered by involving the children in writing letters and exchanging gifts to their respective friends. Afterwards, the children and their families get to meet their friend’s families from the other tribe, thereby enabling the adults to also foster lasting friendships.  These friendships have had lasting impact between warring tribes because the close ties that have been formed have helped in resolving conflict between these tribes.  Attacks have drastically reduced because no one wants to attack their friends and they understand each other better in terms of culture and way of life.

On the 30th July, as the world celebrated the International Day of Friendship, remember that friendship has the ability to resolve conflicts and create positive change and lasting impact in the society.

“Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain,

It is not something you learn in school.

But if you haven’t learned the meaning of friendship,

You really haven’t learned anything.”

Muhammed Ali

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